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Plastics Manufacturing Q&A



How much back pressure is too much...?

The screw does most of the melting, but the barrel temperature should be maintaining the melt temperature. Question: How do I know if there is too much back pressure? My Response: The quick method is...   More


Pressure Setting during mould Open & Close

The molding machine does it's best to achieve the set mold open and close speed as long as there is enough pressure available. Question: What is the pressure and speed relation for clamp open and close?...   More


Watch your Back Pressure...

The fun of molding PP is that it can take a significant amount of abuse during molding and end use, but only if it has been melted properly. Concern: In the past week, two different customers consulted us...   More


Burn Marks & Weld Line Issues

It is always critical to check your first stage short shot since it affects both mold filling and part packing. Request: Please provide reasons & remedies of burn-mark or weld line problems in plastic...   More


Understanding Hydrolysis

I was discussing material dying with a technician and was asked this question... Bob What is Hydrolysis? I looked it up online, but I don't understand the technical jargon. My Response Basically,...   More

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