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How is Toggle Clamp tonnage measured?

With toggle clamps, the only way to measure tonnage is to measure the strain (stretch) of the tie bar. Question: How do you measure the tonnage on a toggle molding machine: My Answer: With toggle...   More


Short Shots to correct flash

The first step in troubleshooting flash is to determine whether it is a filling problem or a packing problem. Question: I have a part with flash. It ran many times in the past without flash, but recently...   More


Documentation is the first step...

Documentation is the first step to good troubleshooting, it is the first step to continuous improvement, it is the first step to process improvement, it is the first step to better maintenance, it is the first...   More


Correct Short Shot Size...

The purpose of a short shot during 1st Stage Injection is to ensure that all cavities remain short at transfer during normal process variation. Question: I was told to short the mold around 98% based on...   More


Troubleshooting Sister Tools

When troubleshooting a problem which is unique to a particular tool, but not present in a sister tool, then the solution lies in locating the differences. Issue: Company is encountering an unexpected...   More

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